The Story of Starting Our Startups

The year 2018 marks our 18th year in business at ideaLaunch, and 8th anniversary for WriterAccess—our best business among the many we've launched over the years.

It all began back in the year 2000. The web was young. ideaLaunch debuted with a no-nonsense mission: turn great ideas into successful businesses. Between 2000 and 2010 we created lots of businesses that all grew at least 50% annually, including LifeTips, WordVision, Content 6 and more.

But with more clients and more writers joining the content marketing revolution, we decided to launch a platform called WriterAccess that could scale in a bigger and better way. WriterAccess zoomed from 100 to 25,000 customers in just a few years, having now made the Inc 5000 list 4 years in a row.

To connect face to face with customers, writers and content marketing revolutionaries, we launched Content Marketing Conference. Our 4th year of the conference in 2018 attracted 600 attendees, 64 speakers, 20 keynotes and sponsors. Each year in the spring, we gather with customers, writers and fans to learn what's new and what's next with content marketing.

DesignerAccess is still top secret, launching soon. We're inviting a few select fans to beta test this new model and share feedback along the way. Sign Up Here.

We keep ideaLaunch thriving with a methodology that follows an idea-led, process-centered, data-driven, customer-focused approach to take ideas from businesses to profitability and beyond. Our team is led a successful, seriel entpreneur, Byron White—an accomplished founder, speaker, author, podcaster, webinar host and chair of content marketing conference.

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