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10 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

May 24th, 2013 by

Social Media Monitoring Before attempting to differentiate the the many social media monitoring tools, a number of facts and distinctions need to be considered.

Is Social Media Worth Monitoring?

While there are other ways to get the pulse of a market and connect with clients/customers, “online conversation yields a level of honesty and transparency that the old regime of surveys and focus groups could never hope to match.”

Social media provides a raw, accurate, and unmanipulated view of what people really think, feel, need and want. The trick, however, is how to translate the knowledge discovered through social media into actionable campaigns/initiatives.

Social media monitoring tools, if properly implemented, may be what the “doctor” ordered.

How to Effectively Utilize Social Media Monitoring

Using social media to enhance brand, improve ROI, and drive website traffic can work, but only when monitoring is done correctly:

  1. Establish a clear objective
  2. Decide which media to watch/analyze
  3. Designate what to monitor
  4. Set priorities
  5. Have/implement a plan
  6. Incite collaboration/participation
  7. Put emphasis on listening
  8. Encourage conversations
  9. Establish relationships
  10. Select tools aligned with your plan/strategy

Name 10 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

  1. Scoutlabs (subscription-based)


  • Great volume-trending, sentiment-tracking
  • Response management workflow analysis
  • Unlimited results tracking
  • Good option for freelancers and agencies
  • Smooth, clean interface
  1. Radian6 (subscription-based)


  • Extremely powerful data harvester/analyzer
  • Integrated work-flow alerts
  • Well-diversified sentiment/influence/volume tabulation
  • Great for blogs, news, forums, Twitter, etc.
  1. Social Mention


  • A platform/keyword social media search engine
  • Blogs, bookmarks, comments, news, events, videos tracking
  • Keyword/sentiment metrics
  • Marvelous graphic illustrations of targeted occurrences
  • Free browser search bar
  • Coding for keyword-monitoring widgets
  1. BlogPulse


  • An “automated trend-discovery system for blogs”
  • Blogosphere analyzer/reporter
  • Track blog posts, key phrases, key persons, videos, news, etc.
  • Track/analyze blog communication based on keywords/topics
  • Determine which blogs mention your brand/products/services
  1. Hootsuite


  • Free tool; practical choice for low-budget operations and nonprofits
  • Track multiple platforms from mobile devices/desktops
  • Free version allows up to five social platforms and two RSS feeds (limit to one user)
  • 30 day statistics storage limit; ad supported
  • More options/features with paid version
  1. Google Alerts


  • One of most popular monitoring tools; a true “virtual assistant”
  • Watches entire internet (using keywords) looking at news reports, blogs, etc—sends regular/controlled alerts
  • Get alerts through feeds sent directly to your RSS reader
  • Designate a topic then select “preview” to observe received results
  • Stay up-to-date on industry/cause/sector/brand happenings/mentions
  • Limited to Google-indexed content
  1. Yahoo Pipes


  • Remix/aggregate content from any location
  • A easy-to-use visual interface
  • Many creative uses/possibilities
  • Keep track of product/brand mentions across multiple sites
  1. Northern Light


  • In use for a while now
  • Indexing of 800+ publications/news source (and 1,600 industry-blogs); a business researching tool
  1. Comment Sniper


  • May require intense/time-consuming staff participation; great reputation tracker
  • Comment on sector/brand blog posts in exchange for traffic-to-site building
  • Set up own blogs; get posting notifications
  1. MonitorThis


  • A unique metasearch engine
  • Comb through multiple search engines analyzing news articles, blog posts, tags, tweets, photos on specific topics/subjects/keywords
  • Great obscure search engine analyzer

If social media is one of the fastest and most comprehensive customer-information databases, then social media monitoring tools are the best way to put said “data” to profitable and constructive use.

Fred F is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


One Response to “10 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools”

  1. John says:

    In addition to this, here’s a list of over 20 social media monitoring tools with a comparison of all the features. I’ve actually found this sheet while I was searching a few things on Google and good thing it was set to public (I mean the sheet itself), we can all edit the info or add more if we have anything to add.


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