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11 Customer Service WOWS to Grow Sales

May 9th, 2014 by

WOW Customers

When is the last time you did something special for your customer, prospect, subscriber, member or fan? My guess is a long time. Too long.

Here at WriterAccess, we try and do special things as part of our brand extension. With so many VC backed competitors pounding the streets, we feel like our service, not so much our technology, needs to become the gateway to our success.

Here’s a nice punch list for you to consider that might resonate well with your target audience.

1. Handwritten Sign Up Note. You’ve won the business. And now it’s time to go to work. But not until you grasp the full power of the two most powerful words you can ever say or write: Thank You. Handwriting those thank you notes will launch you in the right direction.

2. How Am I Doing.  Are you servicing your customers well?  If you don’t ask them, you’ll never know.  Show your customers that you care and implore them for any feedback or advice for betterment.  If they want to make it work, they’ll likely tell you how you’re doing and how it could be better.

3. LinkedIn.  Leave no stone unturned when it comes to connecting with customers.  LinkedIn. Facebook, Twitter. Bring them all on.  You certainly don’t want to stalk your customers, but you do want to find the right time to make a supportive post or comment about something that’s going on–socially, professionally or personally. But tread lightly here, and use your judgement to draw the line in the sand.

4. Happy Celebrations. There are lots of days to celebrate in life, but personalization is the key.  Social media gives us a snapshot into what’s going on, and an opportunity to be supportive after the holiday, for more personalized strategy. Birthdays recognition might be the exception, as it’s an always safe gesture to recognize anyone and everyone’s birthday.

5. Anniversary.  Why not celebrate customers’ anniversaries and acknowledge the value of their business to your own business? Depending on how many customers you are servicing and how robust your database, this could be easily automated for cruise control.

6. Heads Up.  Tell your customers about new services, products and changes that might affect their business with you. Price increases or decreases, discontinued services, new tools…the sky is the limit. The key is to make the communication feel special, like something you thought they should know or quick heads up of info you might find helpful and interesting.

7. Beta Test. Seeking your client’s opinion shows they offer more value than just revenue. Develop the most avid fans with invitations for beta tests, sneak peeks and surveys that declare you want and need their thoughts on the topic.

8. Success Stories. Everyone wants to read about success stories. The key is to make the stories engaging with information people want and need.  Avoid “selling” in the story, as nobody wants to be sold to with a case study. Instead, keep it intellectual in nature and value-driven.

9. Surprise. Everyone loves to be surprised, save that 50th birthday party you might be dreading. Make yours special with your clients, and it’ll get passed around and associated with your brand. At WriterAccess, for example, we mail every new paying customer a copy of one of my two books, with a handwritten welcome note.

10. Confirmation.  Sending automated responses can get overwhelming and turn out counterproductive. But depending on what business your’re in, checking in with customers and confirming certain actions can go a long way towards building trust. Think banking, for example. You want to feel like your money is safe.

11. We screwed up.  Following the wisdom of the best politicians, admit when you screw up as opposed to hiding in silence.  Being honest earns trust, and trust is the catalyst to grow sales.

Look for a new Customer Service Guide I’m launching soon with more tips and advice to WOW. You can sign up in advance to receive your copy if you wish.

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