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2014 – The Year of Semantic SEO

February 3rd, 2014 by

Hummingbird Semantic SEOThe Chinese Zodiac may state that this year is “The Year of the Horse,” but content marketers are thinking about a different beast—the Hummingbird. With Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, one thing has become abundantly clear in the world of SEO services. Semantic SEO is here and it is more important than ever. Find out more about what this concept means, and what it means for your content marketing plans and perhaps you will understand why 2014 is “The Year of Semantic SEO.”

What Is Semantic SEO

Semantic SEO is the practice of optimizing a web page to work with the new semantic search functions of modern day search engines. In a Moz.com article on the subject, Tamas Doszkocs stated the following about Semantic search: “Semantic search is a search or a question or an action that produces meaningful results, even when the retrieved items contain none of the query terms, or the search involves no query text at all.” Put simply, this means that search engines are better developed than ever before—so, when someone conducts a search looking for the answer to a question, the search engines can find that answer. This can be true even when the webpage does not contain the key terms that are searched. Semantic SEO involves using SEO techniques that play off this—and show the search engines that your page contains valuable answers to questions related to your industry or topic. Taking advantage of semantic SEO means adjusting the markup and makeup of your page—though it is not the end of the keyword as we know it. Like all aspects of search engine optimization, it is a balancing act.

How Semantic SEO Techniques Can Help Your Page

If you decide to utilize some of the semantic SEO techniques out there, what is your ultimate goal? It is more important than ever to realize your goal is NOT to improve your search engine ranking—it is to gain more traffic and attract visitors who may become customers or conversions. If you keep this in mind, the adaptation of semantic search is a very good thing for your website. Working with an SEO expert, you can make a few adjustments to your page and make certain it will show up when someone searches for the answer to a question YOU can help answer.

If you read the characteristics for those born under the Horse symbol of the Chinese Zodiac, you will see that horses are generally open-minded individuals who are willing to listen to what others have to say and then learn from this information. Anyone in the content marketing business can learn from the horses—especially when it comes to the newest principles of SEO. Even the experts are still learning exactly what semantic SEO means and how to best utilize it, but all agree that it is a very important tool. Don’t “horse” around and miss out on the benefits of this SEO technique.

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