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3 Tips for Creating Effective Website Content

June 23rd, 2010 by

Are you wondering what separates effective website content from other types of marketing communications? It’s a fact that all marketing content is not the same. What works in a brochure or magazine advertisement won’t necessarily translate directly to successful content for a website. Even though marketing messages should be consistent, the way that you need to approach getting your point across on your website is not the same as for other written communication strategies.

3 Effective Website Content Tips
If you want to create effective website content, keep these tips in mind!

  1. Engage Visitors Immediately—When a visitor lands on your website, you have just a few seconds to capture—and keep—that person’s attention. Website content has to be engaging, complete with catchy content and visual appeal. Use a visual element to draw the visitor in and keep him there by providing concise, easy-to-read tidbits of information that are genuinely interesting and useful.
  2. Use with Objectivive Language—People search the Internet looking for information, not to provide website owners with an opportunity to sell them something. While browsing they’re likely to come across many sites where the copy is filled with flowery statements and exaggerated claims. What they are looking for useful information that can be trusted. Use a journalistic writing style, speaking in a tone that is authoritative and objective to begin building trust with visitors.
  3. Embed Internal Links—Rather than expecting visitors to find their way around your website on their own, make it easy for them to learn more about how your company can meet their needs by using an internal linking strategy. Hyperlink key phrases so that readers can simply click to find targeted information on your site easily. After all, the longer you keep visitors on your website and the more you can educate them about what your company has to offer, the better you’ll be able to improve conversion.

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