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6 Things to Check When Hiring an SEO Service

December 20th, 2013 by

seo servicesYour business has grown to a point that it requires SEO services to continue to grow and develop. With all of the businesses out there that offer SEO services how do you determine which service works best for you? An SEO service should work for you in the same way content writers and employees work for you: keep your goals in mind at all times to maximize growth. Just like anyone you employ you should interview your SEO service, get references from your SEO service, learn about the successes of your SEO service, and determine any limitations of your SEO service.


Just like hiring any contractor, getting references and checking up on them are vital in your selection process. All SEO services should have references from their current and former clients that will give you honest advice on how the advantages and limitations on an SEO service provider. When checking on a reference talk to someone in the marketing or IT department; they’ll give you the best advice on whether the SEO service provides successful content or not.

SEO Search Types

Search engine algorithms change constantly, as does areas of SEO marketing. Does the SEO service you’re looking at posses the ability to adapt to new algorithms? Do they offer services in both content blogs and social media marketing? You want you SEO service to be able to optimize search results in multiple search engines and posses the ability to market on different platforms. Good SEO services will provide all of these services, others will fall behind on updated algorithms and new marketing methods.

Organic Growth from SEO

Immediate growth through SEO services can seem like a good thing, but often it is a ploy to boost page hits and Google searches rather than provide content that gains popularity and is read or followed. Fast growth is not necessarily good growth. Your SEO service provider should give you long-term organic growth that you continue to see for years. It’ll grow your business to be larger and see continued success for years. Don’t fall for the gimmicks some SEO services offer.

Expected Results

If a contractor is promising very specific results or actions, such as top ranking, knowing someone inside Google or having secret formulas for guaranteed success, proceed with caution. They’re probably not using best practices and will not be able to deliver on their lofty promises. There are many companies out there that take advantage of popular ignorance of how to achieve SEO success.

Practices and techniques they use

Learn the techniques that an SEO service uses and research if these are the best methods for SEO growth. Interview the service and ask for detailed information on their methods and practices so you know that you’re getting quality content design for success.

Up-to-date on producing quality content

With the shift in Google search algorithms, quality content helps increase your website ranking far more than outdated techniques such as keyword stuffing making an article or post nearly unreadable or massive numbers of poorly-written sales content. Ask what them to explain quality content. Ask who produces their content, how they hire their writers, and how well their writers are compensated. These details can mark the difference between good content and great content.

This may sound complicated, but by educating yourself, you’ve taken a good first step towards optimizing your website for search engines. Get detailed quotes from several companies. For more ideas on SEO and hiring content writers, check out these content marketing blogs on WriterAccess.

Cathleen V is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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