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A Concise Tutorial on Website Optimization

December 26th, 2013 by

web site optimizationIn the modern age of high speed internet access and media-based websites it is important to keep your website running quickly to obtain maximum website optimization. It is important to make sure your website users do not spend more than a few seconds waiting for your website to completely load. Today’s internet users do not have the patience to wait a long time to wait for a website to load, even if there’s quality content on that site. There are a variety of ways to increase website speed to ensure the fastest load time possible:

  • Compress all .gif and .jpg images.
  • Avoid using Flash unless necessary. It is buggy, sluggish and overrated as a webpage optimizer.
  • Avoid image resizing within HTML and refrain from using the height/width attribute when resizing larger images.
  • Opt for cascading style sheets (CSS) over images. CSS is a great way to format web pages and eliminate image redundancy. Site owners can even create their own logos using CSS. Check out http://www.csszengarden.com for creative treatment of CSS layouts.
  • Keep white space out of HTML. White space is also a space hogger that hinders fast loading times.
  • Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! That includes server memory, database server hard drive and anything else that should have been dumped along with dial-up.
  • Reduce the number and size of your cookies.

Closely associated with webpage optimization is website conversion optimization, a strategy meant to improve the usability and functionality of a site in order to generate sales, promote brand and retain customers. In addition to having fast load times, websites that tend to experience commercial success offer effortless navigation and a logical, user-friendly interface. Make your website intuitive for every user. Make every webpage easy to find, easy to use, and bug-free.

Landing pages are vital to website conversion optimization. They should be as engaging and relevant as possible without appearing “sales-y”. Landing pages should be even simpler than your webpage’s navigational qualities. Limit choices and visitors are more likely to both use your site often and buy things from it. The easier it is to buy a product off your site the more likely a client is to spend money.

Reward visitors who take the time to visit your website with a visually attractive yet subtle layout design that doesn’t bury your service or product content in a sea of flashing text, glaring colors or cutesy stock photos. While efficient, fast-loading, elegantly described websites will impress visitors, professionally written, SEO-optimized content is the only way you will attract the attention of users through search engines.

Kimberly M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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  1. ClickMinded SEO Training says:

    Nice post, Kimberly! Yes, like me I usually visit websites which are attractive and elegant. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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