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A Sale on Opportunity Costs: Why Web Page Graders Help

August 20th, 2013 by

A Sale on Opportunity Costs: Why Web Page Graders HelpYour site is a unique product of your thoughts, goals and resources, and the idea of an outside source grading it may seem odd. Why not just do it yourself? Aside from the obvious bias that’s likely to sneak in, examining all of the components a successful site should have will take you hours or days to a grader’s mere minutes. The opportunity cost of trying to take a DIY approach will leave you lagging behind competitors, as well as the market at large.

Dotting the i’s

Websites have evolved far beyond the mere blocks of text they once were, and determining if you’ve truly “completed” a page is a complicated endeavor. Did you include metadata? Do your pictures have alt text? Are your page descriptions too long or too short? Combing through each page of your site for this information, especially once it’s been created, can take enormous amounts of time. A web page grader, rather than laboriously picking through all the components you’ve completed correctly, zeroes in on problem areas, alerting you to omissions and errors that need attention.

The Latest Info

You’ve got your hands full with your business, managing stock, talking to customers and keeping your books balanced. With that sort of workload, keeping up-to-date on the nuances of SEO practices is difficult, if not impossible. The tools and rules that worked during your last site refresh can cause a serious dent in traffic only a scant few months later. Thankfully, web page graders are usually automatically updated whenever search engines change parameters or expectations, ensuring their grades reflect the current status of the web. Rather than losing sleep over whether Google’s latest rebalancing efforts will pull you back or push your forward, leave it to a resourceful grader and get the guidance you need without hitting the books.

Research With a Click

For owners, business doesn’t start at 9 am and stop at 5 pm – it’s an ongoing effort that requires digital tools to be ready on their timetable. A web page grader can be run in the wee hours of the morning or in the middle of the afternoon, delivering actionable steps and tips that a user can implement when it’s most convenient to them. Need multiple results after various changes are made? With the click of a mouse, graders allow you to refresh your statistics and “snapshot” glances to reflect your latest upgrades. Ken Krogue of Forbes recently noted that popular web page grader HubSpot also follows up each analysis with reminder emails to help users fix outstanding issues – even if they’re forgetful.

Your site isn’t just a collection of pixels – it’s your chance to introduce yourself and your product to customers, woo investors, intimidate your competition and make the level of profit that translates to longevity in the market. A living, breathing business card with the ability to sell, keeping your site up to date, and using a web page grader is one of the best ways to do so.

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