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AB Split Testing: Twice the Work or Twice the Results?

December 30th, 2013 by

453442233Marketing is a numbers game, pure and simple. The more searchers you turn into readers, who then convert into buyers, the more money you’ll make. The trick is in enticing those readers in the first place. You can follow all the SEO rules you find, write the trickiest titles in the world, but figuring out what appeals to your specific niche group of potential customers is a random, hit-or-miss proposition. You can stack the odds by using smart marketing techniques, but it’s still anyone’s guess which ad will work best.

Savvy marketers track results for every marketing campaign, and pull unsuccessful ones as soon as they appear to be duds. They rework the ads and place them again in the hopes that they will be more successful with the new style or information. Eventually, they’ll narrow down the attraction and get a great marketing campaign that pulls in large numbers of customers. What if you could cut the time this took in half? This is the purpose of AB split testing.

The concept is simple. Create two different ad campaigns and point them both to your websites. Give each campaign a unique marker so you can tell which one is generating more traffic. Monitor the campaigns for a period of weeks or months, then keep the better-performing ad and ditch the other one. Study the ad that attracted more clicks and make another set of ads, using the knowledge you gained, to create a more effective marketing strategy. This method has a lot of advantages over only using one ad at a time, such as:

  • You’ll double the amount of insight you get into what marketing methods work in the same amount of time.
  • Having two ads to compare gives you a better insight into what your potential readers find attractive.
  • You’ll narrow down effective marketing techniques faster, giving you ads that work better and putting them in play much quicker.
  • You’ll reap the benefits of your work faster: more money in less time.

According to Tim Feriss of 4-Hour Workweek fame, creating a smart AB split test can increase your income enormously. Tim has seen businesses rapidly grow by 300% by exclusively using AB split testing. Giving target audiences fewer options gives a business owner simple, easy to understand results.

AB split testing takes patience, and you may not get the results you expect. Allow the testing to go on long enough to get solid results and trust your results. Even if you fall in love with one set of marketing methods or ad campaigns, your potential customers are the ones with the important votes. Respect their wishes and increase your revenue.

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