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Amplify Your Creativity with Dos Equis Beer

February 22nd, 2014 by

Ok, I’m going to put a stake in the ground.

The most creative ad spots in the last decade are “The Most Interesting Man in the World” by Dos Equis. That chameleon with a scraggly beard is good at everything, and good to everyone. He’s a jack-of-all-trades. Oh, and he’s my friend, your friend and everyone’s friend, my friend.

It’s pretty rare when writing and creative come together to forge that intimate connection.  Do you have any favorites examples?  How about those Old Spice Ads?  A good challenger for sure. But it’s all subjective, that’s the beauty.

Developing that type of work requires a creative mind that can migrate from one realm to another.  Clients are often asking us for “industry experts” for writing assignments at WriterAccess. But you can make a pretty good case that creative brilliance is not rooted in domain dependence or industry expertise.

The creative mind does not work like that.

Instead, the creative mind has the ability to migrate from one realm to the next without even thinking about it.  It’s what allows us to connect the dots and assemble the creative puzzle in an effective, methodical, interesting way.

If you want to amply your creativity, follow Dos Equis lesson for less domain dependence and more creative freedom.  That, my friends, might help you grow your business organically—the content marketing way!

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