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Are You Paying Online Copywriters Too Much or Not Enough?

November 25th, 2013 by

When it comes to copywriters you get what you pay for. Well-paid online copywriters will produce well-written content, original complete with impeccable grammar, SEO techniques, proper keyword placement, and is properly written for the web. Content of this caliber should cost five cents a word, sometimes more. Content that you pay less than three cents a word for will usually come out poorly written, require multiple revisions, and have multiple spelling and grammar issues. These issues can result in content produced behind schedule, content requiring hours of work to fix, or content that is off-topic. For example, this excerpt is from a piece of content that cost $5 for 500 words:

“Perennial Plants are the flowery gifts that keep on giving for years to come. Flowering perennial plants provide a lot of satisfaction, beauty and quality of life to people through their easy to grow potential in gardens, landscapes and potted plant arrangements. Simply put, perennial plants for sale are foliage, or flowering, plants supported by roots that survive year after year.”

Pretty bad, isn’t it? It’s redundant, intuitive, and grammatically flawed. Unfortunately, this is the kind of bad writing you can be expect if you want to save a few bucks on copywriting. Rock bottom content farms operated by amateur scammers will produce poorly-written content regardless of how many revisions you request. So beware of content writing companies that claim they can give you “fast and cheap” SEO content at unbelievably bargain-basement prices.

Copywriters Who Plagiarize

Second-rate freelancers working independently or for mediocre content companies that emphasize quantity over quality (a huge mistake as far as SEO content is concerned) are not writers who love to write, research, and conscientiously address the needs of their clients. Instead, writers who write for one or two cents a word toss out meaningless articles littered with grammar and spelling errors and hope the client accepts the mess just to avoid a hassle. In addition, unprofessional copywriters will try to get away with plagiarizing in order to make that fast buck. Unfortunately, all search engines react negatively to copied material by “detecting and rejecting” when scanning web pages during a search.

Gotta Pay If You Wanna Play–And Win

Building web content using professional online copywriters writers guarantees your content is fresh, original and contains SEO keywords that have been placed naturally in informative, understandable sentences. Paying five cents a word or more for expert copywriters ensures you receive:

  • well-researched information that is clearly and precisely written
  • writing that does not contain “fluff”, or unnecessary verbiage just to increase the word count
  • proper keyword density percentage that is needed to fully optimize the article with search engine specifications
  • dynamic content that consistently attracts new customers

While you might be tempted by a content farm’s cheap price for articles, remember you always receive exactly what you pay for, no matter what you are buying. If you work with a reputable online copywriting company and fairly pay for the content you need, you’ll receive quality, original content.


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