Byron White and team members offer their two cents on business, life, and the content marketing revolution.

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Byron White | Chief Idea Officer

Byron White, founder and Chief Idea Officer of ideaLaunch, an incubator for services and solutions including LifeTips, WordVision and WriterAccess. He is one of the original content marketing revolutionaries and author of 101 Content Marketing Tips.

His entrepreneurial career began in 1992 with the founding of Freelance Access, a graphic-arts placement agency that he later sold to Aquent. He also founded the Lost Ball Golf Tournament that's raised more than 100k for the Jimmy Fund.

Byron leads the team at ideaLaunch and speaks at various marketing conferences, including SES, PubCon, Affiliate Summit, Aff-Con, Conversion Conference, eComXpo and more. He hosts the weekly LifeTips show on WebMasterRadio.FM on Wednesdays at 4 PM Eastern. His success is well documented in Inc. Magazine, Adweek, The Boston Globe, The Boston Business Journal, The Wall Street Journal and numerous other publications.

Byron's Latest Posts

Content Marketing is a Team Sport

  I’m back in the saddle after a great trip to Cabo, very excited about this topic that Robert Rose and I developed for the content marketing webinar #52— yikes, that’s close to my age. Ok, it will be my age in a month or so. Who do you think the players are on a […]


18 Apr 2014 | No Comments

Flock of Birds on Vacation

I’m currently on vacation at my wife’s Gold Club Trip in Cabo, Mexico, so less blog posts this week and more time absorbing the world.  Per usual, I set the goal to read at least one book, and the pick was Things a little Bird told Me: Confessions of a Creative Mind, by Biz Stone, […]


09 Apr 2014 | No Comments

Color Theory and Conversion

Which colors are most effective in designing websites? Why are school buses yellow? How is color perceived in different cultures? These are just some of the questions you’ll find the answers to on ColorMatters, a cool site I stumbled on years ago that examines issues driving color in design, business and marketing. Color is hugely […]


04 Apr 2014 | 2 Comments

Bring Back the Art Director, Please

We’re all getting pounded with content these days. Webinar invites. Information guides. Helpful hints. Tricks of the trade. All exhaust from the content marketing spaceship that’s orbiting the world with content we all want and need. The problem with all this good stuff is that it often lacks core appreciation for type, image and space. […]


03 Apr 2014 | No Comments

Stand Out from the Crowd

When Wired Magazine coined the phrase “crowd sourcing” back in 2006, business plans surfaced and startups launched overnight. Thanks Wired, but the name you chose might be hurting the growth of the business. The concept was simple: in a networked world, any task can be performed by skilled talent, at an agreed upon price. Notice […]


02 Apr 2014 | No Comments

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