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Banish the Bounce: Build a Stickier Landing Page

April 12th, 2013 by

landing page design tipsA landing page is like a first date. If they’re attractive, and willing to connect, you might just be able to take that date to the next level. In business, a landing page is your company’s first impression. A landing page can “stick” – meaning the user interacts, or “bounce” – meaning he or she heads elsewhere, no longer engaged with your site or business. Use these landing page design tips to get stickier:

Your grandma called. She wants her site design back.

If your bounce rate is high, look first at the appearance of the landing page. Your page should look professionally designed and with the times. It’s a must to deliver information quickly, beautifully and simply. Ask yourself these design questions:

  • Are the colors consistent with the company brand and attitude? What do they communicate to the visitor? Fast-paced, exciting, active? Or Soothing,  helpful, caring?
  • Are the typefaces current and clean? Choose one to two attractive, readable, not overly decorative typefaces. Use size and bolding to build a hierarchy of information, not piles of different fonts that all scream for attention.
  • Does every graphic serve a purpose? If any graphics don’t communicate the brand, highlight something important on the page or illustrate a key point, send them packing.
  • Is the design mobile-friendly? Your landing page needs to be responsive to on-the-go users. This reinforces the need for clean design and readable type as well as concise information and simple forms or buttons for next steps.

Search smarter, not harder.

You run a hiking shoe store in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Your landing page is amazingly optimized for “shoe store” and your AdWords ads use this phrase, too. Users from all over are searching on “shoe store” and making it to your landing page. Super! But 99% of them are nowhere near Oshkosh, and of that remaining 1%, how many are hikers? You’re wasting money and building bounces.

Use Google’s Keyword Tool to find well-trafficked, targeted keyphrases that can bring real potential customers. “Oshkosh hiking shoes” perhaps? Re-optimize your page for your new keyphrases. Your visits will drop, but those other folks weren’t your customers anyway. The ones that will visit are more likely to stick.

Get some action.

The first date is going well. You’ve got a great design and the right people are visiting it. Time to move in for the smooch. Your landing page should give the visitor an immediate, simple means of interacting, plus a call to action that makes the prospect enticing:

  • Chat live with a representative now
  • Sign up for a chance to win an iPad (Tip: Run legit giveaways!)
  • Watch this 30-second demo
  • Download your free trial now
  • Activate your 10% off coupon code

With the right call to action and interactive tool, the visitor has an active reason to stick and isn’t expected to passively decide on a next step. Landing page design tips followed, bounce eliminated… the second date is on.

Tara M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.



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