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Bloggers Block

March 19th, 2014 by

bloggers blockYou’d think that free-spirited, non-paid, personal work like blogging would be easy, and fun.

Not the case.

Cranking out work that’s unique, fresh and valuable is not easy.  What do you do when the blog ideas don’t come like a lightening bolt out of thin air?

Some would argue that writers block is caused by lack of inspiration. Forces of nature like doubt, fear of the unknown, insecurity, distractions, technical complexity, confidence and/or laziness prevent the jolt from happening.

I think there’s another approach that makes more sense. Ideas don’t come from thin air. Instead, they’re developed in lots of stages. Lots of seeds are born by observation or research, almost every minute of every day.  Reflection then helps to find the best seeds that are most expressive, interesting and worthy of the next step.  Articulation is the final stage, where the ideas are transformed into something meaningful, cohesive and great.

The challenge is to make good decisions with all three stages. Choosing the right seeds is certainly an important start, but realizing that there are lots of choices is half the battle.

There you go; a blog post about how difficult it is to write blog posts. SWEET.

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