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Brainstorming – A Two Way Street

January 22nd, 2014 by

hire freelance writersThere are a variety of advantages companies find when they hire freelance writers. Freelance writers help write quality content for a website or blog, offer a consumer’s perspective on marketing campaigns, and help develop marketing campaigns among other things. One major, underused strategy for working with freelance writers is the opportunity to brainstorm with someone outside your business.

Brainstorming sessions with freelance writers offers a handful of perks that you cannot find when outsourcing specific projects. First of all, freelance writers can look at your marketing campaign from an unbiased perspective and see areas for improvement and areas that are over targeted. Second, freelance writers often offer ideas that you simply do not think of when examining your business. Third, and most importantly, freelance writers who are involved in the brainstorming process can come up with ideas that they are best suited to write about, most enthusiastic to write about, and most devoted to creating quality content.

Brainstorming is a two-way street. That means you need to listen to the ideas of freelance writers when they give you input on the content they want to create. It also means that you must freely share your ideas and criticisms with writers. Here are a few tips on how to make brainstorming sessions productive and successful.

Provide Background

When a writer is going to write about your business or your products make sure they understand your business’s back story. Tell them what sets you apart from your competition, such as extended warranties, low-prices, excellent customer service, etc. This way writers have some idea on what you want their posts to focus on when they produce ideas and content. Express your goals for your business, the foundation of your company, and provide examples of your successes. The more writers know about your business the better content they’ll produce.

Share Your (Crazy) Ideas

Perhaps you have some topics that you like–but just don’t think will work. Go ahead and share these incomplete thoughts with the writer. It may be just the launching point he or she needs to produce the perfect post.

Give Examples

Do you read other blogs? What are some of the qualities in the blogs that you really like, even if they are unrelated to your industry? If a different blog or site offers a design, writing style, or layout that you like share it with your writers. Seeing examples allows a writer to build a foundation for your website or blog, but adapts it so it is not a copy of another blog.

Be Available

Try to communicate with your writer. Remind them of different deadlines, present new ideas to them as they come to you, talk to them about their work, etc. When you have open and constructive communication with a writer they’ll improve their work for you, focus on your work more, and genuinely enjoy working for you.

Just Say No (But…)

Don’t settle for bad or mediocre content from a writer. Professional writers can handle being told that their work needs to be edited. Tell the writer what you do and don’t like about their work, that way they know how to improve their work for the future. When writers know you’ll reject bad work they’ll try to improve their work so they don’t need to rewrite drafts and will know how to accommodate you better in the future. You’re outsourcing this work to make sure you get what you need out of your content writers; don’t accept anything below your expectations.

Next time you are working with a writer to come up with topics and content ideas, perhaps these tips will come in handy. When working cooperatively with a writer you make the job easier for everyone.


Tracy S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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