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Bring Back the Art Director, Please

April 3rd, 2014 by

Are Art Directors Still Important?

We’re all getting pounded with content these days. Webinar invites. Information guides. Helpful hints. Tricks of the trade. All exhaust from the content marketing spaceship that’s orbiting the world with content we all want and need.

The problem with all this good stuff is that it often lacks core appreciation for type, image and space. Campaigns perform well and look great when these three elements overlap. Words connect with the images, and the space and abstraction make it all interesting.

Words and images need to be teammates, together making a single point that delivers understanding in a snap. The key is that they should not duplicate each other, which is the tendency. Such repetition will drive readers away.

Words and images are also caught up in a complicated relationship. Sometimes one needs to replace the other. And space figures into the relationship, too. Space ultimately creates the attention-grab you need to stop the reader in their tracks.

So let’s get the art directors back into the content marketing game.  Abandoning broadcast marketing in favor of content marketing does not merit tossing out core art direction and design skill.  Let’s bring those core elements back, and move the content marketing revolution in the right direction—upward, with the right copy and right image presented the right way.

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