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Business People Like Video, Too

February 16th, 2011 by

According to a recent Forrester report, more than 70% of the U.S. online audience is watching video on the Web; and it may surprise you to learn than a good percentage of those viewers are business owners, CEOs, managers, and a wide variety of other professionals. Video isn’t just about watching some kid wipe out as he surfs on his friend’s speeding truck any more. But, since producing quality digital ad campaigns are both expensive and time consuming, many companies shy away from using video on their B2B website. The key to monetizing video content is learning how to use video effectively and still fit in your company’s budget.

Give Visitors a Reason to Click

The best videos on a business site are viewed for the same reason people watch commercials – they catch your attention. This short video is strategically placed on one of Cisco’s main pages and speaks to an emotion rather than more facts about the company. At last check, about a half million people have clicked on the video. On a side note, always add a text summary with each video. This is just another part of giving visitors a reason to click on the video.

Don’t Forget YouTube

Many B2B sites employ proprietary video players, and while that isn’t a bad choice, it is a mistake to ignore the fact that 90% of all videos viewed on the Internet are viewed through YouTube.

Shorter is Better

Nearly every study about web viewing habits says the same thing; the ideal length for a video on the net is 3 minutes or less. It’s better to have several short videos than one lengthy one. So if you want to post an interview with your company president, make it a three or four-parter with headlines accompanying each short video.

Don’t Forget the URL

YouTube and most other video sites allow the first 30 characters of your video’s description to be a linkable URL. This not only generates more visitors to your site from the video housed at other locations besides your web site, but it also improves your Google ranking. For example, of those half million people that have viewed that Cisco video, the majority came to it through YouTube rather than Cisco. Cisco then branded the video leading people back to their site.


Remember that video is (hopefully) not just going to sit on your site. If fact, the goal is for it to end up places you never imagined. Some companies make great videos that tell a compelling story but forget to remind those viewing who made the video. Your company name, logo, slogan, or web address should remain prominent in the video.

Use the Right Person for the Video

Videos are much more about tone, emotion, and personality than information and knowledge. They work because they put a face on your business and causes visitors to feel at home with who you are and what you do. When choosing employee or customer testimonials for a video, you don’t necessarily need the smartest or highest ranking person. Find people or images that tell a story about your business in a way that is captivating to other businesses.

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