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Climb the Mountain

March 5th, 2014 by

mountainWhen it comes to our careers or businesses, we’re always trying to reach the top of the mountain.

That’s the thing about mountain tops—when we’re at the bottom looking up, they seem so high and big and close to the sun. Surely, we think, if we could get to the top, the world would be so much better. Bluer sky. Thinner air. Life would be perfect.

Some say that when you get to the top, life up there isn’t always better than life down there.  More money creates more problems. More fame creates more jealously and resentment. All that can tumble you off the mountain much faster than your ascent.

No matter what, we all need the mountain. Climbing up is the only way to climb. We look at the great work being created around us, and it inspires us up the trail. I know I could do that. I know I could. We toss in a few excuses here and there, like I work in a place that doesn’t get it, or get me. Or I work for clients that don’t get it.

Every achievement starts at the bottom of the mountain. And you determine the altitude and longitude along the way. Curing cancer. The big raise. The big promotion. The corner office. The best of show award.

Enjoy the views on the top. And try and stay there as long as you can.

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