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Content Integrity and Publishing Frequency

December 19th, 2014 by

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When you look up the definition of “integrity,” it means a ‘firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.”  In simple terms, when a person who has integrity says something, you know they mean it. This is particularly true when it comes to content. I’ll explain.

As humans, we’re wired to be constantly assessing the information that comes our way. With more info from multiple sources, and less time to process it all, it becomes difficult to “trust” someone who we only hear from once.  Trust evolves after we have enough evidence to believe that the words from another person are in fact honest.

Integrity is when our words and actions align with our intentions. For example, we don’t tend to trust politicians because we suspect they don’t believe what they are saying, or writing. They shake our hands and listen to our stories, but only at election time. And worse, they are reluctant to admit when they are wrong, giving us a sense that they are not being completely honest all the time.

Content integrity is earned by publishing quality content at a consistent pace, and aligning the content with your intentions and actions. We tend to conclude that the more we publish, the more likely we are to attract new readers and fans — with the help of improved search engine listing positions.  While this may be true, it begs to challenge the concept that content integrity is both a practice (consistent publishing) and a state of mind (words = intention). You really can’t have one without the other, otherwise you’ll just be telling people what they want to hear, rather than the truth.

OK, so given all this philosophical babble, how much do you think we should be publishing to earn the respect of our readers and fans? Before you answer that question, should that answer be tied to who’s reading your content or your content strategy? Is it OK for your content strategy to be “SEO” driven, designed to gain more traffic and visibility to your brand? And if so, what can you publish on a larger scale that will earn the vote for content integrity?

One Response to “Content Integrity and Publishing Frequency”

  1. Maciej Fita says:

    I think it really comes down to your audience. In some cases a business audience might want to hear more frequently from a company where as others might want less. It really comes down to you knowing your audience inside out.

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