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Content Marketing Hero of the Day: Etsy

October 22nd, 2009 by
Etsy Bag

Etsy's Has Content Marketing In The Bag: Image from Etsy Labs

It’s fine to talk about what you should be doing content marketing wise – but it’s even better to show you: Enter Etsy. Etsy is like eBay in that it’s a home for thousands of sellers to showcase and sell their wares. It is not like eBay in that the wares are generally hand-crafted or vintage finds. It’s also where all the cool kids are hanging out.

Etsy’s strength is the community it helped to establish and its acknowledgement of sellers small and large. Everyday there are new featured items and a new featured seller – all of which are promoted through Etsy’s Twitter account that has a million plus followers. But that’s just the basics.

Etsy also has a fantastic content section called The Storque that is updated daily by and for its “indiepreneurs.” The information presented largely helps Etsy’s sellers, but it also presents information buyers and the everyday public would find useful and entertaining. What can you find in this section? Some highlights are:

  • The Seller Handbook: A collection of marketing tips and videos geared toward the Etsy shop-owner – but also handy for nearly anyone who has an online business
  • The How-Tuesday: A collection of videos where various Etsy experts show people how to make their own Etsy-inspired crafts. They’ve recently been featuring Halloween-related ideas like costumes and spooky puppets – which falls right into the advice we recently gave readers about seasonal content marketing!
  • Craftivism:  Stories about how the Etsy community makes a difference through volunteer projects, raising funds for charities or making the planet a little greener. This is a great case of “knowing thy audience”  in content marketing. The Etsy audience, by and large, is both community-driven and eco-invested (a large amount of reclaimed and recycled items are sold on Etsy), so this section is a perfect match for sellers and buyers alike.
  • Etsy Events: Etsy pulls together both virtual events (online labs, webinars) and in-person activities (local meet-ups, fairs and more). The events create buzz outside Etsy’s usual sphere while bringing an already engaged community even tighter together.

Throughout The Storque, there are great pictures, videos, text and, of course, feedback. Because this section is largely member produced, the individuals featured do their own digital PR (tweet, sent e-mails, blog – all content marketing, really!) and drive more and more people to check out the content. And they’re clearly doing something right – in September alone, $16 million worth of goods were sold on Etsy. Brilliant!

Why Etsy gets bonus points: Like Snuggie, they’re not taking themselves too seriously. When Regretsy popped up, a site that mocks Etsy finds (as their slogan goes: “Handmade? It looks like you made it with your feet!”), Etsy’s spokesman, Adam Brown, told the Wall Street Journal, “… if it brings more traffic to the shop and helps make sales then all the better.” (That said Etsy did ask Regretsy to make some small visual changes and to add a disclaimer that the site was not related to Etsy in any way – but overall, a pretty good attitude to have!)

Etsy gets our A+ on content marketing! If you know of another super star of content marketing, give them props in our comment section – we could feature them next!

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