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Content Marketing Revolution Update

March 27th, 2014 by

content marketing revolution

Every revolution needs something to revolt against. Injustice of the nation. Inequality of the people.  Extravagance of the leaders. Poverty of the people. Corruption of the political system. You get the idea.

In the case of content marketing, the revolt was against traditional marketing. Cold calls. Push marketing. Spam Email. Junk mail. And more.

We needed a change with marketing. We were breathing our own exhaust for too long, convincing ourselves that selling more products, more services and more everything, at any stake, was good, important, meaningful and right.

We woke up and decided the quality of our work was more important, more critical to the definition of our own success. Providing the information people wanted and needed was more important than “selling” people with features, benefits and crap they did not need.

One problem we created however was the gold rush for content that now exists. Companies are now publishers, big time. The content they publish needs to be great, liked and shared. Writers are joining the revolution in droves, all competing for the gigs, lowering the prices for the quality customers demand. And the flood of content to the marketplace means more confusion for readers, customers and fans.

The good news is that the revolution is in full force, and we’re seeing exciting changes taking place in the marketplace. Quality is up. Creativity is up. And conversions are up. It’s working.

Writers, Designers and Coders are now empowered with exciting tools and methodology to engage readers, and keep them coming back for more. The future looks bright for the content marketing revolution.  But stay tuned for more rants, and updates!

One Response to “Content Marketing Revolution Update”

  1. Alan Kelsky says:

    Very informative post.

    In my opinion continued downward pressure on high quality content writers will push us to other platforms and gigs. Too often, clients equate length or number of key words with quality. Writers who strive to hit these metrics can do so quickly, as the overall quality is poor.

    Companies like WriterAccess have a responsibility to help maintain fair pay for quality work. WA and its writers want the same thing, provide quality content at a fair price to clients.

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