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Content Marketing Round-Up

April 25th, 2011 by

I’d like to start off this week’s round-up with an interesting post on Why advertising agencies will become more like PR firms. In touches on the differences between ad agencies and PR firms and how PR firms have been more easily able to adapt to the  “real-time” model that communications have been moving toward. Here is my favorite snippet from this post “The momentum in marketing is clearly shifting away from paid toward earned and owned.” As usual, an interesting and thought-provoking post from Tim Williams at Ignition Consulting Group.

In this next one from Top Rank, we explore how B2B marketers are getting more involved in the tactics of SEO, social media and content.  There is an opportunity for B2B marketers to smartly integrate these tactics into their overall marketing plans. What I really think it boils down to, though, is one of my favorite topics: How well you know your target market.

Finally, this post from Marketing Experiments tests stock images versus real people when determining site conversion rates. The control in the experiment is the stock image of a smiling lady wearing a headset. Sure, she’s alright and doesn’t put me off, but so what? Then they tested putting a face with a name. The results were that the conversion rates on the site increase when using a real person with a real name instead of a stock image. The lesson from this experiment is that we shouldn’t hate on stock photo sites, but when choosing images, we should be confident that the image conveys relevant value.

Just for fun, enjoy a compilation of women laughing alone with salad stock photos.

Have a great week everyone!

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