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Content Marketing Round-Up

June 13th, 2011 by

Think before you tweet. There’s a lesson to be learned from this whole Weinergate scandal. People in the public eye as well as businesses shouldn’t just go posting things online willy-nilly for everyone to see and read about. It seems as though members of Congress got that message and are being more careful, tweeting 30% less in the Weinergate aftermath.

Here’s an interesting post from Ignition on why owned media should come first, not last.  “Large well-known brands are beginning to realize that the media they own (the product itself, how it’s sold and distributed, etc.) are more powerful than the media they buy.  Remarkable.” Says author, Tim Williams. Remarkable indeed!

I found this article intriguing. It’s about how companies integrating marketing efforts are questioning their effectiveness. I have a hard time accepting that anyone would question how effective integration is.

“Only 14.3% of companies felt they were effectively deploying data analytics across channels, and just 14.8% believed their customer and prospect data integration successful. Companies found themselves most effective in messaging alignment (27.4%); still, on the whole, marketers lacked confidence with integration efforts.”

My first response to this statistic is that whoever is in charge of marketing isn’t doing an effective job. The post goes on to say that the most common roadblocks to effective integration are organization barriers or unclear business objectives.

Finally, here is a great post from Top Rank with some content marketing tactics to try out! It’s part of a new weekly series Lee Oden is doing on practical tips and tactics. If you haven’t already, add Top Rank to your RSS reader.

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