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Five Content Marketing Ideas for Thanksgiving

November 24th, 2009 by

Gobble Up These Ideas! Image from Zazzle.com

Thanksgiving is mere days away – and just as we suggested that Halloween can inspire your content, so can the All-Mighty Turkey Day. Articles, webinars, widgets, blog posts, podcasts – you name it – are at your disposal to spread some very timely tidbits to readers (just the sort of thing they’re looking for right now)!

Short on ideas? Here are a five free content marketing tips from us to you!

Let Them Gobble Up Some Thanksgiving Tips
Provide Thanksgiving tips for your readers that relate to your business. There’s something for everyone – let us show you: Run a daycare? Provide how-to’s on some easy kids’ crafts for centrepieces. Do you make soaps and lotions? Tell people how to put together a nice collection of bathroom goodies for guests coming over for dinner. If you’re an accountant, now may be a good time to show people how they can budget for Christmas purchases over the next 30 days.

Trivia: Thanksgiving Style
Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean people aren’t keen to learn something new. Have a bookstore? Promote a new American history book by providing snippets. Are you an aromatherapy guru? Let people know how the traditional smells of Thanksgiving (like pumpkin, apple and cranberry) can impact their mood. Sell movies? Put together a list of the biggest “turkeys” out there (hint: Battlefield Earth).

Give Thanks – Your Way
Take a moment to send a special message to your clients or readers to thank them for their business and interest. Be sure it’s done in a style that suits your corporate culture. Maybe your team is known for being a bit goofy. Any chance your CEO is willing to dress up as turkey for a Thanksgiving video? Or maybe a heartfelt blog post is more your style? A little good will goes a long way!

Make An App For That
Give your customers something to be thankful for. If you have the means and if you can find a tie-in to your business, consider developing a mobile app or a widget people can use this time of year. How about an iPhone app or online calculator that lets you select a menu and time the cooking of your food so it’s all ready at the same moment for serving? Maybe an app that lets people “Pilgrim themselves” – a quick online program that allows people to place pilgrim hats and garb on Facebook and Twitter pictures. If you’re reading this today, you probably don’t have time to launch these ideas this year – but maybe these can give you inpsiration for next Thanksgiving – or even this Christmas!

Treat Them to a Thanksgiving Contest
People love prizes, free stuff and pretty much any opportunity to win something cool. Ask people to comment in your blog post what they’re thankful for, ask for their best stuffing recipe, or ask readers to submit a picture of their holiday centerpiece – whatever makes sense to you. Put together a fun prize that will get attention – maybe a great download (instant gratification for the winner and no shipping costs for you!).

We have lots of additonal content marketing tips available – check them out!

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