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Cooking the Best Writing Recipe

April 16th, 2013 by

hire a writerA chef can not make a meal come to life without using the correct ingredients. If they choose not to follow the recipe, it can alter the taste of the food in a negative way.

The same formula holds true with content production. It isn’t enough to simply hire a writer and tell them to go to work. You need a framework in place to make it easier for them to create the highest quality content at the right times. It gives your writer a compass that can guide their efforts and keep both of you on the same page.

These five ingredients should always act as a foundation to your content writing recipe:

Set a Budget

Deciding the amount you can spend and how much you want to spend on content creation needs to be done before you hire a content writer. If you are anticipating regular content needs, you need to pay your writer enough to where they can afford to make you a bigger priority as a client. This will make it easier to lock in a writer who produces high-quality content.

Create a Production Timeline

When you produce content matters just as much as what you write about. You need to work out a schedule for doing research, writing content, editing content and distributing that content to your target audience. Being organized this way leads to an efficient use of your time and resources. It helps you stay on top of hot trends within your industry. You also become better at reacting to what your audience wants to see and read.

Flesh out Content Ideas

Don’t leave content development completely in the hands of your writer. Give them ideas to work with and refine the concepts into polished articles and blog posts. Make an effort to brainstorm and flesh out concepts and topics you think will be of the highest value to your target audience. Taking time to create content ideas will help you figure out how to create something that your target audience will care about.

Plan Marketing Strategies

Writing a bunch of articles and blog posts will amount to wasted time if you don’t have a plan in place to get this content where people will see it. Create a road map to guide your marketing efforts. Study the industry and see which marketing methods work the best. It will help you decide how much time and resources you should devote to traditional channels, like direct mail versus digital age channels (social media).

Make Time to Edit

Even after hiring a highly skilled content writer, make an effort to stay involved in the writing process. With each content writing project, set deadlines so enough time is reserved for editing the content and offering feedback to your content writer. It isn’t just about clean grammar and a lack of spelling errors. Editing lets you makes sure the content fits your voice and shares the intended message you want to impart to your target audience.

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