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Creative Storytelling for How Design Live

April 22nd, 2014 by

WA design

I learned the art of storytelling from a good friend of mine in College—Nigel Bentley. Nigel had a story for everything. And everything was a story. We created many, many stories in college.  And I learned then joy of storytelling long after the stories had gone by.

Storytelling is gaining momentum in the marketing world.  To that point, WriterAccess is a sponsor of the upcoming How Design Conference here in Boston. To appeal to this very creative audience, we needed to zest our who-are-we story. I worked with one of my favorite writers, Ryn, for this storytelling assignment. Take a look at the new description.

The WriterAccess Story

Once upon a time, there was an itsy-bitsy business idea called WriterAccess that aimed to bring quality writing services to the world. The mission was simple: Make it easy to find writers, place orders and keep the great content flowing to readers and fans. Writers jumped through hoops to join the small army. An award winning platform was forged to manage the back and forth. Customers galloped to the content marketplace in droves. And everybody now lives happily ever after–tens of thousands of customers, agencies, SEO firms, writers, readers and fans!

How’s that story? What’s your company story? Can you turn your boring corporate story into a fairly tale with a happy ending?  Everyone should give it a go. Everyone has a story that can be adapted to engage any audience.



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