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Developing an Instagram Brand Presence

January 27th, 2014 by

social media marketingSome Internet tools have the power to create a shift in online behavior and marketing. Social media as a whole has given businesses the power to conduct social media marketing to create a broader outreach and target specific demographics, especially younger persons. Instagram is an undervalued tool that has given businesses the ability to create a photo marketing campaign connected through multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram marries visual imagery with communication and social networking via the same posting models as other big social media vehicles. However, where Instagram is different is in the fact that all of its account design is around distribution of photography and images. While this may seem limiting on face value, imagery can in fact convey far more brand messaging than words. There are a variety of techniques worth observing when creating an Instagram campaign.

Plan the Message

Using Instagram to only take and post images isn’t utilizing the full potential in the platform. If you can use a variety of images to tell a story or create connections between each image and your business you’ll find more people follow your business on Instagram. Furthermore, if you can use these images as a form of branding you’ll be able to turn followers into customers. Know what you’re trying to convey, then determine what photos you can take to relate everything to that message.

Make the Message Personal

People respond to imagery that triggers a personal connection. If you can produce images that invoke emotion more people will click on the image and follow the link back to your website.

Instagram offers a platform to post photos that gets people interested in your business or cause. Other photo-based sites (i.e. Pinterest) don’t give you the opportunity to make things focus on your business as well as Instagram. Tell the backstory of your company, show the improvements your business makes in the community, and exhibit your employees; these techniques with create emotional connections with your viewers and make them follow you back to your site.

Understand the Lingo

Hashtagging is critical for a wider reach of Instagram material. By linking a given photograph to a hashtag term you bring more traffic to a business’s Instagram account. That in turn provides more opportunities to convert viewers to customers. Photos without hashtags often end up just floating in cyberspace without any real output in terms of traffic generation.

Create a Reason to Look

Savvy businesses create stories, treasure hunts, discount opportunities and even coupons using Instagram. All of these ideas cause customers to look further into the brand and find out more. This is the primary goal; the more people keep coming back for content, the more likely they are to affiliate with the brand and associate it as a solution to a future need, ergo a purchase.

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One Response to “Developing an Instagram Brand Presence”

  1. Instagram is the new place to be at, with its increase in daily active users and which brought about the “Selfie” revolution. These are some great tips to increase a brands presence on this platform.

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