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Don’t Lose Em!

July 11th, 2012 by

So, you’re actually getting visitors to your blog. You may think you’ve finally achieved success. However, you also need to look further into the stats available for your blog. Another vitally important number you need to look at is how long visitors stay on your page. You may think that just getting them there is enough, but that is not true. If visitors appreciate the content and stick around, they are more likely to bookmark your page to visit in the future, share your posts on social networking sites and click the ads you have included on your page. If you have a monetized blog or are selling something yourself (such as web design, copywriting services or even retail products), you know those ad clicks are what can turn into a nice profit for you. No matter which reason is most important to you, these tips will help you learn how to keep your visitors from leaving!

  • Keep it Simple – A clean, open page is more appealing to visitors than one filled with clutter. While you obviously need some ads and other important elements of the page, figure out what you can let go. Filling your page with tons of widgets, banners and buttons makes the page look cluttered and unappealing.
  • Focus on Content – It’s easy to get caught up in making your page search engine friendly to bring in the traffic. However, if your content is not beneficial that traffic will not turn into results. Create useful, enriching content first, then figure out ways to incorporate keywords and phrases.
  • Use Images (Correctly!) – Done correctly, adding images to your page will keep visitors looking for more. Find images that fit correctly with your message. Don’t feel like you have to add pictures just for the sake of adding them though. That leads to the same cluttered appearance that makes your site unappealing.
  • Create Themes – Give your visitors something to read and follow up with. Perhaps every Monday you review a top movie, or on Friday you answer reader questions. Not only do these themes encourage your visitors to come back, they will want to go back and read old posts if you’re covering a topic that interests them. Make this easy with well organized links, to keep them on your page.
  • Social Media – Incorporating social media widgets will not only keep visitors there long enough to share the page, it can result in additional visitors! Facebook is vital, but depending on the content of your page, you may find that Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest work well too. Some of the widgets even show which of the visitor’s friends have “liked” the page. Someone is more likely to read all the information you provide if they know that some of their friends have an interest.

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