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Email Marketing and Lack of Creativity

March 26th, 2014 by

email marketing

Everyone continues to rave about email marketing, as one of the least expensive channels to connect with new customers, earn their trust and grow sales.

The core elements of email marketing are database management, creative (targeted) content and analyzing response.

But then there’s this little sticky point when it comes to email marketing. Do you see many (or any) examples of creative excellence when it comes to email marketing?

The CAN-SPAM Act offers great guidelines, rules, tips and advice on how to make it work.  But no examples of creative campaigns.

Sites like Target Marketing Mag  also offer great information, tips and advice. But once again, no portfolio of email campaigns showcasing how companies use email to build brand, engage customers or upsell/cross sell products or services.

Still worse, few media publications or award shows promote or endorse creative excellence in the email industry. Email is not sexy, nor interesting for the creative community. Matter of fact, it’s probably the bottom of the barrel for the creative industry.

Are creative, engaging, and entertaining email campaigns successful? Do you know of any examples you could share? Are there any newsletters, commentaries or feeds you get via email that deliver just what you want, when you need it?

Success may be in the numbers as of 2014. But look for creativity, personalization, and geo-targeting for the next wave of email marketing, delivering a better channel for mindshare.

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