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Evergreen Is Not a Gum Flavor!: How To Grow a Forest of Content

March 13th, 2013 by

Even if you’re new to the social media marketing world, chances are you’ve heard the term “evergreen” bandied about. No, it’s not a gum flavor, or a new update to Google’s algorithm. Instead, “evergreen” refers to web content with lasting relevance for your customers.

For example, if you run a website on ladies’ dress-making, a post about choosing quality fabrics would be considered evergreen. Determining shoddy fabric quality will be relevant to your customers today, and probably five years from today, while a post on dress patterns inspired by the latest runway trends will lose its relevance once the next season’s styles are announced.


While it’s tempting to want to stay up-to-date on latest industry trends, it’s difficult to sustain a social media marketing strategy totally dependent on the latest news. Balancing time-sensitive posts with a solid stock of evergreen content makes it easier to consistently roll out communications to your customer base. If you’re working with content writers, you can assign several dozen evergreen pieces to use at your discretion to regularly populate social media platforms with content.

In addition, evergreen content can offer real value to your customers, because these posts frequently offer information about your industry or services. This means you can reel new customers in who are searching for basic information on topics relevant to your industry. Evergreen content pairs nicely with a sophisticated SEO strategy, and you can also use this type of content to build up links on your webpages to result in higher Google hits down the road.

Finally, you may find that freelance writers have evergreen articles ready to sell, which removes the burden of coming up with ideas.

Building Your Branches: Different Formats for Evergreen Content

Ready to get growing? Evergreen content can take a number of different formats depending on your industry and interests, so try out one of the following and watch your forest of content grow!

  • Frequently Asked Questions. A good FAQ page can be a great place to showcase your industry expertise and position your company as an expert provide of products or services. These pages are also easy to update and keep current as your company changes.
  • Industry Terms. This type of post works especially well for companies who work in a field with a lot of technical jargon. A post explaining a few of the most common terms used in the industry can be helpful to your customers and will always stay “fresh.”
  • How-to Guides. These posts are always helpful and very shareable. Consider using images or even video to further engage readers.
  • Opinion pieces. While this type of piece can be a little trickier to pull off, consider creating a few blogs detailing your company’s stance on industry issues. You can update them as needed, but these pieces are especially useful when industry topics come up in the mainstream news.

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