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Five Design Elements to Avoid on Your Landing Page

December 16th, 2013 by

landing page design tipsWe’ve all seen poorly designed landing pages. Pages with obnoxious flashing banners, annoy image carousels, or poor, confusing content. We never want our landing page to look anything like that. Here are some landing page design tips on what not to put on your website:

Image Carousels or Banner Sliders

Image Carousels and Banner Sliders are the worst things to have on a landing page. Why? The motion from carousels and sliders capture the viewer’s eye and distracts them from looking at the content on your landing page. The purpose of your landing page is to draw people into your website, not to redirect someone to a different website. A number of recent studies have shown that rather than  sliders actually reduce traffic on a webpage.

Weak Headlines

Uninteresting or generic headlines don’t hold people’s interest or may not even get clicked on during a search. Avoid the passive voice, cliches, double negatives, and confusing wording in all writing, but especially on your landing page. Be specific, creative, fun and different – after all, you’ve chosen to read a post on what NOT to do, right?

A Complex Appearance

You may have gotten the idea that more is more, but it really isn’t, especially on a landing page. Too many graphics, too many contrasting colors or elements cause visual distraction to your landing page make it harder for people to find the information they need. Stick to using contrast on items you want your viewers to notice, like your call-to-action button.

Too Little Information

Keep the page simple, but make sure you include all the necessary information you need on your landing page. Too little information can kill your conversion rate. Will it take longer than usual to get this particular product or service? Has anyone else actually bought it and what did they think? Your customers will want to know things like dimensions, shipping prices, available options and features to make an informed decision between your product or service and your competitors.

Your landing page can be one of the most useful tools in landing customers and clients. Keep these tips in mind when you’re designing your landing page to convert all of your viewers into consumers.

Cathleen V is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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