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Five forms of content inbound marketers should be using

December 25th, 2013 by

inbound marketing agencyWe’ve all heard that “content is king,” but it can be easy to automatically define “content” as just blog posts or web-based articles. To get the most out of your online content from your inbound marketing agency you should request forays into different content forms. The five types every agency should offer and you should take advantage of:

Blog Posts

Blog posts are one of the most obvious and well-known type of content. Content marketing blogs are one of the best methods for increasing your online visibility in search engine results. A regularly updated blog keeps a site fresh and active. It also provides myriad opportunities to incorporate the search terms that bring readers to your website.


There are many people who would prefer an audiovisual approach to the written word. Videos can be as simple or elaborate as your budget allows. Short explainer videos can be made with a blank backdrop and a mid-quality camera based on scripts written by skilled content writers.

Most video hosting sites make embedding videos easy, so if prospects find your videos useful, you will find that they will be shared on social media and blogs.

Slide Shows

Slide shows offer a high visual impact and a format that keeps readers on a particular webpage. As often as possible, try to have one slide fade right into the next. It can increase the time that readers spend on a page, increasing their chances of making a purchase.


Offering a free or low-price eBook on a site is a great way to draw in new prospects. People love getting things for free, and will often spend more after getting something free. Plus, an eBook can be shared with a prospect’s friends or family, or offered on a free book site. These give you the opportunity to get information about your business into people hands before they’ve even visited the firm’s site.

These books do not have to be massive, elaborately researched tomes. Free eBooks can be as short as a few thousand words. An eBook can even be created out of a collection of related blog posts or articles. If you produce content regularly, you probably already have the materials to pull together a valuable eBook.


These graphical communication tools are a great way to convey statistics and short bits of data. Think about the little factoids about your industry that you found surprising or compelling. Chances are, if it got your attention, it can get someone else’s too.

To make the most of an infographic, make sure that you allow the image to be embedded with a link back to your site. Bloggers in your industry are usually anxious for new content, and will happily use graphics.

By taking a comprehensive approach, you can extend the services that your inbound marketing agency offers and give your client’s more reach for their marketing dollars.

Lara S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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