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Five Reasons Why Changes in SEO Affects Your Ranking

January 17th, 2014 by

search engine optimizationGoogle has been making significant changes over the past year to its search algorithm and how it affects search engine optimization. It used to be that by using annoying practices like keyword stuffing, link spamming and a proliferation of websites with content that sounds like it had been written by Yoda one could increase search engine rank. The changes Google put out is designed to reward quality content and useful material over keywords and link spamming. While changes to Google’s algorithm are nerve wrecking to many content marketers, there are a variety of ways to continue to improve your search engine rankings despite the changes.

Original Quality Content

To help fix the problem of the above-mentioned “Yoda-speak,” Google now ranks pages partially based on how long a visitor stays on a site after a Google search. If they immediately leave the page, the page drops in ranking; if readers remain on a page the site increases rank. This means that a single piece of high quality, original content will be ranked higher in the search results than multiple copies of poorly written, spun content.

Quality Links

It used to be that you could raise a page’s ranking by putting a of link to your page in the comments sections of other websites. Now you’ll need to have quality links from other sites pointing to your page to achieve the same results, including social media, blogs and other writing.

Social Media Popularity

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites will start playing a stronger role in a site’s ranking. People on social media sites pass on content that is relevant and more helpful to them, so it should receive higher search rankings. Other theories include that Google’s relatively late-to-the-game Google+ social media site could see a huge boost in popularity because of this facet of the algorithm, increasing its popularity.

Author Reputation

It used to be that hiring an inexpensive writer from overseas to toss together fifteen different versions of an article stolen from another site would provide higher search rankings, but this has changed. Now internet authors are ranked based on their authority within a niche and domain expertise, so an experienced, quality writer will produce content that is higher in search rank based on reputation alone.

Relevant Keywords

Keyword stuffing was the practice of putting a large number of keywords in non-visible text on a page that was not otherwise relevant to a person’s search. Now that Google has implemented secure searches, the ability for sites to receive keyword search data is essentially eliminated. What that means for you is that you will be more likely to receive more hits and better rankings for having a variety of quality content with keywords directly related to your area of expertise.

These changes can be truly mind-boggling, but an SEO professional will be able to help you update your content into a more relevant creation and raise your website’s ranking.

Cathleen V is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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  1. Byron White says:

    Nice work Cathleen. Your story is getting picked up by lots of fans on twitter and more. You painted the picture well. Great job.

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