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Test The Fun Theory On Your Web Content

October 10th, 2009 by

Volkswagen recently created a video (now gone viral, natch) where they installed giant keyboard keys on the stairs of a metro station. According to their “fun theory”, fun can change behavior for the better (like taking the stairs vs. the escalator). Check it out:

If your web content marketing efforts have been drab, inconsistent or nonexistent – even when you *know* you should be doing a better job at it – maybe it’s time to add a bit of whimsy to the task at hand.

  • Watch a recent episode of a work-situated TV show (The Office, 30 Rock, Hung, Mad Men) and draw comparisons between it and your own office (maybe even create your own parody of it!). If it proves to be well-received, consider doing weekly installments.
  • Hand video cameras to staff and challenge them to create something for your website. It could be an over-the-top infomercial style video about your company’s services, an entertaining explanation of a question your customers ask, a short clip of the team mocking an industry habit – keep it light, have fun!
  • Have a quick wit on staff? Ask if they’re interested in penning a weekly comic strip about life in your company or industry.
  • Reward the individuals who create your great blog posts, videos and other web content with something simple but amusing: temporary ownership of a life-size cut-out of David Hasselhoff for a week, a 15-minute break to play Wii in the boardroom, a Kinder Surprise, their own Bobblehead at the end of the year … there’s bound to be a few easy and motivational treats you can think of that suit your corporate culture.
  • Leave the legal department out of it. We know plenty of lovely lawyers, but if they have a significant say on the verbiage of your blog posts, videos or any other web content, they’re going to suck the life of out.
  • Hire or outsource the work to people who really do enjoy writing and content marketing. They already think  this stuff is fun!

2 Responses to “Test The Fun Theory On Your Web Content”

  1. Alex Lim says:

    This idea is awesome; fun is a good motivator and attention magnet too. It is fun to incorporate fun with internet marketing indeed. No doubt it will be a hit. With this era of difficulty, it’s great to have fun even when working.

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