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Give Voice to Your Vision: How Hiring Writers Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

March 18th, 2013 by

Any business owner worth their salt can articulate their company’s vision in a few succinct words. This vision may motivate you and your core team, but will your customers get the message in an increasingly crowded social media platform?

It can be challenging to translate the vision behind your business into clear, interesting content that engages customers and grows brand loyalty. Hiring writers to handle your social media communications can help you establish an identifiable, vision-driven voice online.

From Values to Vision to Voice

When you hire a writer to begin producing content for Twitter, Facebook, or your own blog site, consider the values that you want these posts to reflect. The idea is not to simply rephrase your corporate vision, but to actually show what you mean. Think about 3-7 core values that you strongly associate with your vision. This will help guide your writers towards the voice that will best represent your brand. Values like “innovative” and “tenacious” might translate into a quirky, irreverent voice, while values like “ethical” and “reliable” may result in a more informative, reassuring tone. Ideally, a clear vision informed by strong values will help your writers develop a consistent online persona that can be maintained by more than one person, giving your social media strategy resilience and flexibility.

Interactivity is Key

Once you and your writing team have established a clear voice, it’s important to remember that initial tweets, status updates, and blog posts aren’t the only ways to establish your voice. The interactivity of the web allows for customer exchanges in real time, which can grow your brand loyalty and net new customers. Work to keep your voice consistent when responding to customer comments, otherwise your social media content will seem false and “salesy.”

Vibrant Voices

There a number of different companies who’ve worked to develop their online “voice” that we can look to for inspiration. The social media team at Taco Bell has mastered the art of the hilarious hashtag, which aligns with their preexisting strategy of pithy sayings on sauce packets. Diaper giant Huggies invites customers to share sweet parenting moments with their growing community of over 18,000 followers, and they take the time to actually respond to to customers to thank them for their tweets. The commitment to responsiveness bolsters Huggies’ brand as a reliable, family-friendly company.

On Instagram, visually driven companies like Sharpie and Coach share images and manage responses in their comment threads, giving customers additional insight into both their products and their company’s culture. Facebook’s platform allows for visual sharing as well, and a well-captioned photo is an excellent place to start a conversation with your customers online.

Speak Out

Once you’re clear on the vision and values of your company, you can start working with writers to speak up for your brand. If your company was a person, what would they say? And more importantly, why should we listen?

Caitlin C is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


2 Responses to “Give Voice to Your Vision: How Hiring Writers Can Take Your Business to the Next Level”

  1. Sally Sisson says:

    Good post and good argument for hiring writers! Love the examples on Instagram.

  2. Jeff Reglin says:

    Valuable informtion in your post. Another suggestion is to use the same writer to assist with ad copy for print ads that you use for social media to keep a consistant voice to reach your audience through all different mediums.

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