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Good Idea / Bad Idea

April 25th, 2014 by

Welcome to Good Idea / Bad Idea where I sound off on business stories making headlines around the web.

good idea bad idea 1

1. Freelancer.com has purchased digital marketplace and forum, Warrior Forum, for AU$3.2 million, picking up over 700,000 users in the process. This is freelancer.com‘s third acquisition in a month, having also purchased Fantero.com and Poland’s Zlecenia.przez.net.

Good Idea.  When you own the name Freelancer.com, best to go big or go home. I’m not sure more is necessarily better when it comes to freelancers, but maybe bigger is somehow better?  Mechanical Turk look out, Freelancer.com is coming through.


2. Facebook is getting into the news business with its own newswire. “Facebook just launched FB Newswire to help journalists and regular people alike find the good stuff. Powered by Storyful, a service used by news organizations to help them surface newsy information, the page will post photos, videos and status updates relevant to newsworthy events all over the world.”

Good idea.  This is a super smart move by Facebook that will add value to the business world. I already get lots of “news” through my friends on FB, so this seems natural. I wonder if FB will focus on the journalists– making it simple for them to connect and track stories their colleges are reading and following.


3. Dutch newsreading platform Blendie is planning on charging readers by the article, with a return policy if the reader is unsatisfied for any reason. Many publishers remain skeptical this will be a successful business model.

Good Idea.  Surprised you. We can all make the case that “free is the only way to go” when it comes to content on the web. But great content has great value; as in money.  Best of all, a great tool is being created when an article grows in popularity, taking Must Read to a new level.  Bold. Great.  Go Quality Content!


4. CMI’s report: Enterprise Content Marketing Research: Where Does Success Lie in 2014  says having a  documented strategy improves effectiveness, among other findings.

Bad Idea.  Most companies don’t know how to create a content strategy, and struggle distinguishing between planning and strategy. Thanks for the info CMI, but how about creating an educational document on how to develop a content strategy to win the war of words on the web.

One Response to “Good Idea / Bad Idea”

  1. Alan Kelsky says:

    Interesting piece. I agree with you on charging for content. Recently I wrote a piece about this, and the Paywall model seems to work well.

    Astonishingly, I also did a piece concerning planning and strategy. My conclusion, worry about the process and forget the goal. It means, if I want to be a great content writer, work on constantly improving what and how I write – the goal then comes on its own.

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