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Greater than the Sum: Maximizing Multiple Social Media Platforms

October 24th, 2013 by

Your Social Media ToolboxMany companies and agencies know that they’ve got to get into the social media marketing game in order to stay competitive, but committing to a full scale campaign with multiple platforms can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re first getting started. The key is to think about clever ways to organically engage with your fans, followers, and potential customers over multiple social media platforms without boring everyone to tears with the same message copied and pasted into Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Instead of simply duplicating your efforts ad nauseam, you should be working for ways to maximize different social media platforms by drawing on their unique strengths. Fortunately, there are many tools that exist to help you achieve this goal, as well as pioneers in the field who are already creating multi-platform campaigns that are greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Leverage Your Toolbox, And Your Team

When designing a large scale social media campaign, think critically about your own strengths as a leader and figure out what you can do and what you’ll need help with. Some business owners or agency heads are great at the big picture vision; if that’s true for you, then work to put a good team of content producers in place to free yourself up for the visioning and editorial work. Don’t waste your time tapping out 140 character messages if that’s not your strength, or interest.

In addition, there are more tools than ever designed for you to distribute your message effectively across multiple platforms. Forbes Magazine suggests trying programs like Hootsuite to establish a clear calendar of information sharing and manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard.

Case Study: Popeye’s & Zatarain’s Take Over

If you’re looking for a solid example of a business effectively leveraging multiple social media accounts, look no further than the recent campaign launched by Popeye’s and Zatarain’s to announce their prosperous partnership. The two Louisiana based companies teamed up with a limited edition product and used a multi-platform social media contest to engage their fans and followers while promoting their partnership’s new product.

The first prong of their campaign was a simple Twitter contest. Fans were tasked with using a specific hashtag during a set period of time for a sweepstakes style contest that earned the winner a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. This campaign was successful for a few reasons: a simple, easy to remember hashtag that accomplished their promotional goal (#ZatsAtPopeyes), a high-quality prize, and a clear goal: get more Twitter followers. But the pair didn’t stop there. To keep fans engaged throughout the length of the contest, the two brands developed several short videos that they distributed over the new viral video sharing service, Vine. By providing interesting, unique content and drawing followers from one platform to the next, the brands effectively secured thousands of new fans, and legions of admiring social media marketing peers.

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