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Boo! Five Halloween-related Content Marketing Tips

October 19th, 2009 by

Halloween_Web_Content_TipsAll the shops and stores have just put the Christmas decorations out, the seasonal signage is on display and the holiday music is piping over the stereos. It can only mean one thing: Halloween is around the corner.

We’re all aware of how much brick-and-mortar stores and shops prepare and cater to seasonal and holiday shopping – but how does a virtual storefront do the same? With less than two weeks before Halloween there’s still time for you to pull together a great blog post, video or even more. Here are a few ideas for optimizing your site for Halloween by creating relevant and fun web content marketing pieces:

Host a themed contest (or point to other contests online). Another client of mine, HomeFixated.com simply blogged about a pumpkin-carving contest being held on another well-respected site and saw a lift of nearly three times the traffic from Twitter alone that day.

Provide Halloween-related tips. Gee, where did we get that idea? Nearly every industry can find some way to contribute to readers’ interest in the spookfest and a tip center or blog are great ways of doing that. Have a health and fitness site? Give tips on which candies in the Halloween bucket are the lesser of all the evils. Have an online fabric shop? Talk about great costume ideas or safety-minded ways to add light reflections to get-ups. Own a cleaning supply company? Blog about ways people can get out various Halloween-related stains (fake blood, melted chocolate, that egg that got thrown at your house when you ran out of candy …).

Create a Top 5 list. Similar to the tips idea, you can provide your audience with entertaining and helpful info through relevant lists. Have a site that features hand tools and woodworking? Give your top five ax-murder horror movies. Own a graphic design company? Show the top five spooky fonts. Blog for a dating website? Give the five best costumes couples can dress up as.

Give the people a digital treat. Think about what you have at your disposal, what would be of value (even short term) to people and go from there. Build (or point to) a cute application that can place a Halloween mask on Twitter avatars or profile pictures. Create an animated “Happy Halloween” gif that people can place on their websites. Put together one of those videos I hate that has you staring for something in the picture, only for a freaky zombie to pop up.  For bonus points (and if you can do it smoothly without disrupting the value), brand it!

Capture The Halloween Party. People like companies that encourage their employees to have fun. Host a Halloween party (or just support people to dress up during the day) and post pictures or videos of the crew on the company’s blog, YouTube or Flickr site.

Like the ideas but can’t see your team pulling them together in time? Maybe a certain content marketing agency could help?

6 Responses to “Boo! Five Halloween-related Content Marketing Tips”

  1. Carolyn McKibbin says:

    Great ideas for Halloween content. Our office had a monster bash last year and we posted the photos to our company Facebook page!

    One more thing: Jen, I love this creepy Halloween font! Did you design it yourself?

  2. Jen says:

    Ha – thanks, Carolyn. Nope – just downloaded some free fonts and plopped together an image. The “Halloween” is in a font called “Horror” and the “web content tips” is in a font called “Bloodgutter 99.”

  3. Byron white says:

    Scary. Not the post. But the fact that we don’t field more writing assignments centered on creative ideas around the Halloween ocassion. Clearly we’re all missing the boat. Keep up the lead and we’ll all hopefully follow!

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