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Hire a Writer to Help Your Professional Image

January 15th, 2014 by

hire a writerIf you manage a business or agency, there are many reasons why you might hire a writer. Maybe you want to split your content creation among multiple writers for the sake of efficiency. Maybe you are looking for an expert to write about a particular field. Maybe you need someone who is skilled in marketing.

But there is another good reason to hire a writer—it helps your professional image.

Your Professional Image

Every aspect of your company should present a professional image. To potential customers, your image is your company. That means that your marketing campaigns, your website, and your content must be professional.

Successful business owners and company managers are not necessarily skilled writers, but their companies produce well-written content. No matter what type of work your business involves, customers judge you based on what they see.

Weak Writing Pushes Customers Away

Customers never compliment your content for pristine spelling and proper grammar, but they certainly notice when you use incorrect spelling or grammar. In a professional world, spelling errors and grammatical mistakes should be non-existent—and their presence will deter someone from your business, even if your business has nothing to do with writing. Such problems can muddle the meaning of a sentence and make your message unclear, hint at sloppiness, and show a level of apathy in your professional image. A professional writer can:

  • Proofread content to catch errors that others might miss
  • Create new content to minimize the chance of errors
  • Ensure every sentence clearly conveys the intended meaning
  • Tighten up the writing to give your content a crisp, professional appearance

You might be tempted to say that anyone can catch spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, and it’s true that basic proofreading is a simple task, but it is easy to miss simple mistakes without a copy editor.

Strong Writing Draws Customers In

Professional content writers are more than just people who understand the rules of writing; they understand the subtleties, nuances, and intricacies of the written word. They don’t just write content; they craft it.

For any business, competition is fierce. You want your business to stand out from your competition in a positive light. A skilled writer can:

  • Use words with connotations that are attractive to people and avoid those that are repellant
  • Subtly persuade customers to use your business
  • Grab people’s attention with key words and hold their attention with strong writing and clear messages

More than anything else, strong writing will give your company a polished, professional look. Your customers might not have a conscious grasp on what makes your site or materials different, but they will walk away with a good impression of your company and confidence in your work.

Samantha L is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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