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How a Good Content Marketer Is Like A Valentine

February 12th, 2010 by

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Happy almost-Valentine’s Day, Hallmark fans!

If people were to list the qualities they look for in a Valentine or a relationship, chances are, they’d include traits like:

  • Funny / has a good sense of humor
  • Able to keep things fresh
  • Intelligent
  • Trustworthy
  • Dependable and stable
  • Thoughtful of others
  • Capable of reaching out
  • Understands me
  • A good listener
  • Around to open jars

With the exception of the last one (unless someone at this marketing agency has developed super virtual powers I need to know about), each of these things are what good content marketing should strive to be. Whether it’s understanding how the audience thinks and selecting the right SEO keywords, hiring a freelance writer that puts a smile on faces, or developing daily content people can count on – these are reflective of the traits valued in both personal and business relationships.

If you’ve been developing a website, blog or podcast that just doesn’t connect to people, doesn’t quite have much heart to it and is feeling rather shallow and lonely – consider contacting an online relationship doctor like a content marketing company. By this time next year, you may just be in a full-bloom relationship with your dream customers.


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