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In-House Writing Blues

March 11th, 2014 by

Lots of writers working in-house at companies feel disconnected from the creative process. The fun writing projects like infographics, eBooks or informational guides are often outsourced to agencies or design firms. They don’t feel appreciated and often work on grinding projects that point at customers, products or services.

If you’re unhappy with your current situation, break the mold.  No more complaining. Find the solution to the problem.

Start by doing an analysis of your work and what you’re not being asked to do. Take on a project on your own. Establish a vision for the project and workflow. Involve and inspire your team. Execute flawlessly.

But that’s just the beginning. Learn to make yourself accountable, just like an agency. Measure success in a variety of ways, leveraging your in-house status to access analytics and data. Increased impressions, downloads, clicks, increases in traffic, profits, new customers—snag it all and find the attribution to the content assets you created and published.

The final step is selling management on your vision and your ability to execute. Learn to speak the language of cost, return on investment, user acquisition cost and more.  Make sure that your vision and proposed content projects align with your companies overall business strategy.

If all this sounds too taxing and complicated, there is a Plan B.  Start your own blog.  And forget the long posts on how you got the cat out of the tree. Instead, dive into the thought leadership topics like content marketing or inbound marketing and establish yourself as a leader in the space.  You’ll then be ready to land a new job in a place that rewards your knowledge and talent.


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