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Is a blog right for your small business?

November 26th, 2013 by

small business adviceBlogs have become a key component to successful online business marketing. They are a way to drive traffic to a website, conduct conversation with consumers, promote information on products, and increase interest in a business. Small businesses have been taking advantage of blogging for content marketing for years now, and have found positive results in these techniques. However, blogs can prove to be a double-edged sword in content marketing. They require regular maintenance, well-researched information, original content, and useful information. For some small businesses blogs become an Achilles’s heel, where too much time is spent on blog maintenance or content suffers because posts are rushed. Here are some key pieces of small business advice for blog marketing.

The Blog Who Posted Daily
Successful blogs produce posts on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Sometimes, when blogs find success, they begin to post more often, sometimes even daily. When a blog is on a weekly schedule readers will read the blog more regularly, comment on articles, and converse with the writers and business in an online platform. However, when a blog takes weekly success and begins to post daily they suffer by losing a reader’s interest, producing worse content, and ultimately lose readers all together. The blog goes from a successful marketing technique to something that drives away business.

Daily posts should only be attempted if you have the manpower and innovative material needed to write 365 posts a year. If you, like many small businesses, don’t have the time or the staffing ability to write daily posts, you should stick to a weekly or bi-weekly update. Blogs that are rich in content will always surpass blogs that post weak content on a daily basis.

The Blog Post Who Failed To Research
Great blog posts come from great research. While this fact is plain and simple, it is often forgotten in the haste to publish content. Using statistics, personal and professional experiences, info-graphics, quotes, and multiple reputable sources is paramount to creating well-researched content. A former boss of mine once told me, “your job is 95% research and 5% writing well.” This fantastic piece of advice was given to me while writing Requests For Proposals (RFPs) at an Alliant Small Business IT firm. Improper research leads to weak content, uninterested readers, and worst of all spam-like blog posts. Don’t be the blog post who failed to research information . Take your time to do it right. Your blog will become a reputable source of information and your readership will increase.

The Blog Post Who Refused To Use Media
Don’t be afraid to use photos, videos, animations, and GIFs regularly in your blog. First of all, images draw readers’ interests. More people will click on your blog if it has a catchy image that interests them. Second, videos and GIFs both retain readers’ attentions and illustrates your points more completely. Third, images can replace words when an idea is hard to explain, aiding the clarity of your blog. Finally, visual cues also help to prevent scanning, while simultaneously encouraging a reader’s eye to pause and fully appreciate the content of the post.

As your small business potentially embarks on a blogging journey remember that writing is best left to the writers, photographs are just as powerful as a thousand words, and posts should always be researched. If you stay true to your readers and don’t fall into poor blogging habits, the right people will discover your blog – the people who actually want to read your posts.

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