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It’s Not Just About the Pictures

December 9th, 2013 by

B2B social media marketingYou may have the hottest content on the planet, but when it comes to attracting people to your company website, visual interest is crucial. Social media marketing is necessary for any online business, and the visual sites Pinterest, Instagram, and others are fast becoming leaders in the field. Making attractive pictures as a part of B2B social media marketing is a smart move, but it can’t be all about the pictures. Unless your logo has worldwide recognition, you’ll need to add the right amount of words to get your message across, especially when trying to make business connections on Pinterest.

Choosing the Words

Short and sweet captions are best. Most people looking through pictures don’t want to read long paragraphs of content. You need a tight two to four word statement that gets your point across and that entices the viewer to click on your picture link. Skip your first impulse; your company name isn’t always the best caption to add. Instead, think of something that puts a question in the viewer’s mind, a teasing hint of things to come. Often rhetorical questions or catchy phrases are best for this.

Add Them to the Images

According to industry-watcher Pinnable Business, pictures with captions printed on them outperform those without captions. Those few words not only increase interest, they also cause more people to click on your pin and go to your website. Adding a caption to each photo is a simple process:

  • Use an online photo editor such as Picmonkey or FotoFlexor to resize your image and add a caption on top in a large variety of fonts.
  • Use PhotoShop or any other image editor you may own to add the captions.
  • Hire a graphic designer at Fiverr. Many talented design students offer work there and the results can be impressive.

Past the Photos

After you graphically enhance your photos with an enticing caption, you still need to fill out a description box when you post your pins. This is where you let your creativity shine. Give your paragraph some personality instead of simply throwing up a few words about the pin. Pinterest is a friendly site, and members like to think they are part of a big, friendly group just sharing tips and ideas. Adding a chatty little paragraph to describe your photo will cause more people to click over to your content marketing blogs or websites and also repin your photo. Constant repinning is your ultimate goal, because it spreads word of your site to future customers. Let them see that you’re a person with a sense of humor or a friendly attitude, and Pinterest members will be more likely to adopt your pins to their own boards.

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One Response to “It’s Not Just About the Pictures”

  1. Naomi says:

    Great post. You bring up some valid points about site graphics. You need good content to back up the pretty pictures.

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