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Jumping Platforms: Traveling with Content

May 17th, 2013 by

Getting the word out about your products or services is becoming a complex challenge as more opportunities present themselves. Every marketing platform, regardless of form or frequency, has a single unifying element: content. Without content, tweets are simply blank spaces, blogs are boring, and mobile ads fade into the background. Build the right backlog of content, however, and you have a self-sustaining juggernaut of marketing that works on your schedule and reaches your customers.

Distinct Motivations

If you already have content for your main website, you may believe you don’t have a need for content marketing services. While you could reuse, say, your landing page content for your mobile site, it wouldn’t be the best way to speak to your customers within the mobile platform. Reading a few hundred words while seated in a desk chair in front of a large monitor is far easier than glancing at a small smartphone screen on a subway, for example. Using a content writer to create a fresh, short and succinct piece for your mobile platform will show search engines that you’re thinking on your feet and keep your mobile customers engaged, rather than wandering off to play the latest addicting smartphone game. Tablets are another important consideration when it comes to platform-specific content as well, with marketing research firm Forrester predicting more than 44 million people will be using tablets by 2015.

Ready For a Refresh

Sprucing up your page with fresh content is one of the easiest ways to “re-appeal” to search engine spiders in a bid for higher placement. If your views or placement suddenly tank, the last place you want to be is scrambling to find a writer when the proverbial barn door has already been opened. Hiring a writer or writers to prepare you several versions of the same information ahead of time will ensure you have an arsenal of keyword-dense, quality content that can be switched for your current version at any time. Savvy webmasters can even set their content modules to incorporate a new version at timed intervals, keeping the site fresh without the need for constant examination or tweaking.

Pack Your Content
Content creation can happen before you even have a platform to pair it to. If you have a set range of products or services, hiring a content writer to give them good coverage is a great way to prepare for any marketing move. With product descriptions, introductions, about us text and short social media messages pre-written, you’ll be better able to use aggregate sites to mobilize your business in one fell swoop, rather than logging in to several platforms and cutting and pasting continuously. This “backlog” method not only saves you time, it allows you to roll out a cohesive, timely campaign to your customers, boosting both loyalty and confidence. Struggling through a piecemeal campaign and hiring writers on the fly simply won’t produce the same results as front loading all of your content.

If you’ve been getting your content on an as needed basis, it may be time to rethink your strategy. Platforms like social media are expanding exponentially, and without the advantage that cross-platform content offers, you’ll quickly start losing placement to your competitors. If you’ve been wondering how to engage multiple platforms at the same time as part of a larger campaign, it’s time to enlist content marketing services to make it happen.

Delany M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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