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Kill the Virus with Sunshine

April 1st, 2014 by

Reconceptualizing Online Virality with Sunshine

Viral. The name defines the pinnacle of content marketing. Going viral is the holy grail. Videos. Blog posts. Emails. Animals. Kids. Stunts. Tricks. Relationships. Casual conversation stuff we just love to share.

The word viral is creepy. Make that horrible. But now, it’s mainstream. Just do a search for “viral” and you’ll find Viral Video #1 and Viral Marketing/Advertising #2. It’s hard to remember that it used to be something one avoids.

But why that word for internet famous?  How about spreadable, sharable, lovable, likable, chattable or spread-the-wordable.

The fact of the matter is, online content does spread like a virus, from person to person, through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email. It’s the opposite of traditional marketing and broadcasting.

A real virus hijacks our cells and takes over our body as a service of itself. Great content might do the same, making us powerless to resist the temptation to share. This is particularly true with our own self-publishing status we all seem to have these days. We love to make our friends laugh. Our colleagues, smart. Our boss, proud. We’re essentially hijacked by great content that feeds the inner goals of our online social world.

I’m sure that the word “viral” is not going anywhere soon.  We’re stuck with it.  It’s taken us over. It’s now a service of itself.  Spot on.

Hang on, I’m an idea guy. How about “juice”? Or “vitamin”? Or “sunshine”…yeah. Sunshine! Here’s some sunshine I’d like to share with you. Bright sunshine. Light sunshine. Beaming sunshine. Sunshine on a cloudy day. We can run with this….

Ok, to officially replace viral with sunshine, I’ll need your help. And everyone you know. And everyone they’re connected with that they don’t actually know.

Let’s give it a go. Spread the word. No more viral. Sunshine.

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