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Land that Customer! Writing and Designing a Powerful Landing Page

March 21st, 2013 by

The most important page of your company website is not your home page, but your landing page. That’s because your landing page’s main objective is to prompt action by your prospect, and create a result – namely converting that prospect into a customer. Here are some valuable landing page optimization tips to help you entrust, excite, and land your customer!

Your Landing Page Should Be Simple and Single-Minded

Both visually and verbally, your landing page should make it easy for your prospect to get your message, grasp your offer, and take your bait. Your page design should be absorbing in a clear and uncluttered way (don’t be afraid of white space), and your copy should be persuasive, but straightforward and easy to understand.

In putting together a winning landing page, think in a single-minded manner. In other words, one column, one message, one objective. A one-column design keeps your reader focused in one place, on a single stream of copy, with no distractions. Also, in the spirit of marketing that hooks, the one-column format leads the reader to look for more below the fold of the first screen.

A sales letter offers an effective, progressive selling sequence. So does a one-column landing page, taking the reader from headline to subheads without the clutter of additional columns, navigational links, and so forth. This keeps your prospect focused on your message, without any reason to look away and click elsewhere.

The Visual Design of Your Advertising Should Carry Through to Your Landing Page

There should be a consistency in the visual design of your advertising and the design and visual elements of your landing page. The familiar landing page is a point of reference for your prospect, assuring them that they are where they should be, and helping to solidify their trust in your company’s product or service.

The Headline Should Reference the Search Campaign, Banner Ad, Email, or Blog Post that Sent the Prospect to Your Landing Page

To arrive at your landing page, your prospect has taken action in response to a search engine, advertisement, email, blog post, or sidebar. It is very important that the headline of your landing page matches, in its writing, the language of the message that triggered the visit.

Again, familiarity tells your prospect they are at the right place, increases trust, and strengthens satisfaction, all factors in sealing the deal and making the conversion.

Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse!

An exciting offer is the most important component a landing page must have. This offer must be valuable, relevant, and irresistible, and should be made available to all the prospects who visit your website. At the end of the day, the lure of the offer, and it’s ability to sway the prospect your way, is the decisive element in landing page success.

For more information on creating a successful landing page, visit CopyBlogger.

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