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Landing Pages? That’s Old Hat. We’re Riding Take-off Pages Now!

October 16th, 2013 by

Landing Pages? That's Old Hat. We're Riding Take-off Pages Now!Landing Pages: Inbound & Outbound by Design

Sure, landing pages are traditionally used as a net to catch eyeballs and potentially generate new leads. They have normally been used as a “set it and forget it” solution that gets connected up to a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or back linking campaign. With so many enterprises utilizing this approach, the space is getting crowded. This blog post explores how you can put them to work as nearly evergreen publishing outlets that are functioning in the opposite direction as well. Everything starts with the overarching concepts that go into landing page design.

A Jaded User Base

If your company’s landing pages feature static information that is trying to make a hard sale or just guide people into a form to collect their contact information, then it is time to begin rethinking the strategy. This has been the standard use for many years now. People are more reluctant and resistant to this format than they were in the past. Of course, some people are going to be immediately interested in the product or services and offer their data.

However, as designers the mission is to put our work in the way of how people are already behaving online. Today, that means social functionality. The key is quality content that teaches and informs users of something they will find valuable enough to pass on to others.

A Matter of Perspective

Here are some methods that can be put into place to get people involved at a deeper level with landing page content:

  • Dress up the page as if it is an article. As mentioned before, people are more resistant than ever to giving up particular info when they think they are going to be spammed at their inbox.
  • Do the landing pages have social media sharing buttons to leverage the visitors that are hitting the site to assist in spreading the word? Get those tools in there to help disseminate the message out to the social Web.
  • Get people into the action by installing a comment section. Everyone has something to say! Whether it is regarding the design, best practices or some more esotericism, the feedback is valuable too.
  • Make an offer. If you’re getting information from visitors, create an opportunity to give something back. Contests and/or premium unique content, such as a business analysis or a membership subscription, are all great tools that can engage users to take the next step with the organization.

Seats in an Upright Position

It’s all about collecting data but with the right type of landing pages, folks will help spread the word about the golden nugget of content that resides on the page that helped them learn something new while simultaneously informing them about your business. Coming in for the landing can be rough but taking off is always exciting! Nearly everyone likes to go on an interesting journey. Make sure the content is going along for the ride. Give readers the opportunity to get on board.

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