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Three Last-Minutes Costume Ideas for Fellow Geeks

October 30th, 2009 by
Fatso The Keyboard Cat

Fatso, The Keyboard Cat!

We’re taking a tiny break from the content marketing talk (hey, it’s Friday!) to talk Halloween. Being the hard-working types, we know that creating a Halloween costume might have been on the back burner to everything else. Well, guess what – Halloween is tomorrow!

Since we can’t entirely get our minds off the web and social media, our ideas run toward Internet memes and such – but we promise you these are all cheap and easy to pull off. These ideas are presented in order of laziness – from most lazy to least.

Facebook: Take a cue from Jim from The Office. Use an eyeliner pencil and write “book” on your face. Boom. Costume done.
Bonus Points:
Print up a News Feed and paste it to your chest.
Negative points
: Poke people all night and invite them to join your Mafia Family.

Balloon Boy: Have a moving box? Cut out some holes for legs, mark the box “Attic” and get in. You, sir (or madam), are done. Now go out there and ruin your father’s dreams! (Uh, check?)
Bonus Points:
Have a friend dress up as the balloon (get donned in silver – be it silver spray or enveloping themselves in a silver thermal blanket).
Negative Points
: Mentioning the family’s name.

Keyboard Cat: Way, way, wayyy better than a “sexy kitty” is keyboard cat, my personal favourite meme of 2009. Whenever there is a fail captured on camera, Keyboard Cat is there to play them off like they did in the vaudeville days. All you need is a pair of cat ears (or a headband with two orange triangles on them), a blue shirt, some make-up to give yourself a cat face and a keyboard (or a cardboard box painted to look like a keyboard).
Bonus Points:
Play, program or capture Keyboard Cat’s little ditty.
More Bonus Points:
Show up right when someone does something stupid.

Not –a-last-minute-costume: Be a working iPhone. Check this video out … but unless you like your ears bleedy, I suggest turning it to mute:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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