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Make The World Better #1: Mail vs Email

June 3rd, 2014 by

This is the first post of what I hope to be a series of ideas to potentially make the world better. And better than that. From now on, we’ll refer to these as #MTWB (Make the World Better), offering some social distribution options for us all. Here we go…




There’s an email for this, and an email for that. Virtually no regulation and jammed email boxes. At the same time, the US Mail is about to go bust. Snail mail is antiquated, yet some think necessary. It’s a big problem, caught up in red government tape. Here’s a simple idea that might work for all parties.


Part One: Solve the Email Spam Problem with a New Classification System

Senders of email would need to “classify” all sent emails in a few categories:

  • Sales
  • Friend
  • Customer
  • Education
  • Invite
  • Fun
  • Freebie
  • Bills
  • Legal Docs

The fewer the better, as it needs to be simple and easy. Senders would need to be accurate with categorizing, or be financially penalized. When you open mail, you would see the senders classification. You would then be able to re-classify it, as needed. Or you could just leave it alone and keep the flow going.

While we’re at it, let’s help the quality issue by rating emails:

  • The content of this email exceeded my expectations
  • The content of this email met my expectations
  • The content of this email did not meet my expectations

All this classification and rating creates lots of new data to explore.


Part Two: The US Mail Takes On New Role

Let’s say snail mail is discontinued in the US, completely. A new-age mailman/women emerges from the dust.

They’re assigned to personally manage your INBOX, not your physical mailbox. They look over your classification violations, and protect your rights to privacy. They have authority to penalize and fine senders that break the rules. Software reads the emails, not the mailman, further protecting privacy.

The door to door walks delivering dead trees by dead wood systems end. Your email is now better, smarter, faster and wiser than before.

Sure, there are a lot of problems that would need to be flushed out, and I’m sure you can think of a few. But overall, what do you think? Can we build on this system or one like it and make the world better.

Best of all, we can keep liking and appreciating the mailman, perhaps even more than we do now.

3 Responses to “Make The World Better #1: Mail vs Email”

  1. I have always been a huge proponent of email marketing over regular mail marketing but there is something that has to be said for being able to pick up a piece of collateral and feel it in your hands.

  2. Paul S says:

    Hello WriterAccess folks,

    I’m new to WA, and this is my first post. Sure, email saves trees; that’s a good thing. But I hope that snail mail doesn’t just become passé. What I find annoying about most email I receive is that the sender doesn’t start with a salutation, as if the sending is in such a rush that there’s no time for such antiquated courtesy. That’s society’s loss, in my opinion. Also, the vast majority of mail carriers don’t ever “go postal,” but they do earn a living in this age of rampant job elimination.

    Paul S

  3. James Lee says:

    Great post. Agree with the e-mail classification system. It can be very effective indeed.

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