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March Madness and Content Marketing

March 24th, 2014 by

basketball bracket

‘Tis the season to be mad at the weather, but happy if you’re a college basketball fan.  The brackets are a racket this year. Everyone wants in, from Buffet to Obama and millions more.  And this year’s race featured a grand prize of a billion dollars to anyone who beat the odds with a perfect bracket:  1,000,000,000,000,000 to 1.

Of course, with all the upsets that happened early on, nobody won the billion this year.

But how does all that fit with content marketing? USA Today featured a great column called March Madness bracket blitz: There’s an app for that that bridges the gap.

Jennifer Jolly reviewed all the apps that help us keep up with the dunks, so we can all be in-the-know as we orbit our busy lives while we’re on the go.

What’s most interesting is the different target audiences for each of the apps, addressing their particular needs when it comes to the road to the final four.





March Madness Live.  This is the official app of the NCAA that offers “live streams” of every tournament matchup, perfect for travelers and multi-taskers that can watch one game but be in tune with all the others at the same time. LIVE STREAMERS.

ESPN Tournament Challenge. My marketing team tells me that brackets are hot these days in the social sphere. I’ve never actually filled out a bracket myself online, but this app lets you do just that with a chance to win a $10,000 prize, and who wouldn’t want that? MONEY SEEKERS.

Thuuz Sports.  Catching the big upsets and Cinderella stories is really what tunes me into the games. It’s like the American dream played out, live.  Thuuz Sports rates all the matchups on a scale of 1 to 100. Then cleverly updates the ratings in real time. Boring games drop in score, and the most exciting games surface. Excitement is at your fingertips. OPTIMIZED WEEPERS.

Team Stream.  Surely the most loyal fans are amongst the 64 colleges and universities that are selected for the tournament.  Team Streamed lets you track your favorite team with up-to-the-minute news feeds, blogs and social chatter on your beloved team. TEAM BEAMERS.

Content marketing is all about listening and learning to the wants and needs of your customers, clients and fans… And delivering it to them in a powerful, engaging and entertaining way.  These apps clearly do just that, and more. Spot on!

What’s your favorite march madness app? And what need does it offer you, when you most need it?

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